Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando

Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for addressing our Women's Forum group on the topic of self defense. There were so many positive remarks about your presentation from the questionnaire our guest filled as well as all the positive comments I heard from guest as they left.

As the economy gets worse we all know the crime rate escalates. I have seen this in my own neighborhood. Your techniques and demonstrations of body manipulation are valuable information for everyone to have.

Thank you again for your participation in our program. It is better to have some type of defense strategy rather than to be unprepared. We are truly fortunate to have you fulfilling an important niche in our community.

Marni S. Chepenik
Coordinator of Volunteer Services & Women's Forum
College Prep Program

"As a mother of a daughter getting ready to go away for college I was seeking a self-defense class that would teach her basic tactics for the "what if " situations she might encounter. I found what I was looking for in Richard Carr and his ReLIONce Self Defense class. Richard taught my daughter the necessary skills when faced with potential dangerous situations. He offered realistic examples and self-defense solutions for the following... parking lot safety, potential abductions, dangerous boyfriends, stalkers and more.

I was impressed with Richard's professionalism, easy manner, patience, expertise, and passion for his craft. It was inspiring and an eye opening experience. Richard had a precise, gentle but firm way of helping my daughter realize that she has the right to defend herself. He inspired her to strongly and loudly say ’NO! “, without means for interpretation, and really mean it. My daughter feels empowered and confident (vs. fearful) to be in control of her body and has learned to always be aware of her surroundings.

I personally saw how Richard was genuinely concerned for my daughter and her safety. He answered all of her questions and he gladly shared some of his own his own experiences. He was motivating, personable, competent and first - rate. As a mother I am at peace knowing that my daughter is prepared if she were ever to encounter a negative or harmful situation. I am thankful there is a program such as ReLIONce Self Defense for college bound young ladies.

I highly recommend with complete confidence Richard Carr / ReLIONce Self Defense to any parent, school or organization that would like to instill these qualities in their children, students or employees.

Marta Mendez-Perez
Lead Teacher /Coordinator
The Week Day School
Orlando, FL 32801
Tactical Restraint

To Whom It May Concern,

Lake Highland Preparatory School Security had the privilege of hosting Richard Carr's Tactical Restraint Program. Richard custom tailored the program to fit the school's unique needs and liability concerns. The program was based on solid body mechanical principles and was easy to learn. Richard's charismatic personality made the entire group feel comfortable regardless of previous skill level. We look forward to training with Richard and the ReLIONce Self Defense team in the future.

Conan C. Bickford, CPO
Security, Safety, & Transportation Manager
Lake Highland Preparatory School
Women's Empowerment Control

Dear Sensei Carr,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Administration and student body I would like to extend my extreme gratitude for the Women's Empowerment program that you brought to Mount Vernon Academy. The program was a huge success and was well received by all of those that participated in the program.

As I explained to you prior to arranging for this weekend, we are passionate about helping our young ladies develop self esteem and confidence. Your program, teaching our young ladies the way to defend themselves, was exceptional. This week was exactly what was needed to start our program off on the right foot. The students were very excited and are still talking about the things that they learned (practicing on the unsuspecting young men).

I must express my admiration for your ability to engage 80 young ladies in such an intense training session. The program was very personable and you were very effective at individualizing the training for each of the young ladies. You have been blessed with the ability to encourage and motivate young ladies through your program. The value of what you taught the participants will last them long past their time in high school.

In a recent board meeting, I was told by a parent, who is also a board member, of one of the young ladies that, "The self defense program was an excellent addition to our educational program." Her daughter was very excited about having the program back in the future. Her mom was very appreciative of the lessons that her daughter learned about defending herself.

Once again, I commend you on the details and organization that your program possesses. I cannot thank you enough for the value that it has brought both physically and mentally for our young ladies. Your passion to see young people, especially young ladies, learn to protect and defend themselves is evident. I look forward to our continued professional relationship as we work to empower more young ladies through your empowerment program.

If I can be of any assistance as you share your program with other institutions, please do not hesitate to contact me. This is the type of program that every young lady should be a part.

David Daniels
Mount Vernon Academy
Private Student

To Whom It May Concern:

Training with Sensei Richard Carr has given me insight into self defense that I never could have gotten through a traditional program or school. An hour class with Sensei Richard is fast, tough, fun and full of learning.

Sensei Richard's dedication, selflessness in teaching and ethics go beyond the norm, and I consider myself very fortunate to have met him and to continue to train with him.

J. Amram
Women's Empowerment Control

Dress for Success Greater Orlando is grateful to Richard Carr for sharing his expertise with our clients. Richard has a heart for our mission; providing disadvantaged women with career support and enabling them to become self sufficient. At our Professional Women's Group meeting, he provided us with the tools to be aware of our surroundings and to defend ourselves from a violent attack.

After 90 minutes with Richard, our group of women felt empowered and better prepared to take care of themselves.

Richard shared his experiences, expertise and compassion with us. We are extremely thankful for his support.

Maria Mendel
President, Dress for Success Greater Orlando
Community Empowerment

Dear Mr. Carr:

It is indeed an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to write this testimonial for the ReLIONce Self Defense Group. I was blessed to sponsor a workshop that was facilitated by Mr. Carr for the women at our church. It has been said that first impressions are lasting. I was initially impressed with the deep passion that he has for empowering women to be safe in every environment. I was also quite impressed by the openness with which he shared his personal testimonies about his family, his friends, and his life experiences as well.

Our women listened attentively as he eagerly described the varied techniques to escape from an intruder. As a matter of fact, women of all ages willingly participated in the hands on demonstrations. Mr. Carr very patiently walked around the room to ensure that each technique was being executed correctly. The techniques are communicated in easy to remember segments. When the ladies I work with at church go out, we inevitably take out our keys, put one of them in the middle of our fingers, and closely observe our surroundings before going to the parking lot; as taught to us by Mr. Carr.

Thanks, Mr. Carr, for your overwhelming concern for the health, safety, and well being of our mothers, our daughters, and our grandmothers! We hope that you can return to do a tune up self defense workshop next year.

Charlene S. Taylor
Women's Leader and School Teacher
Private School Program

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is my personal recommendation for Richard Carr. Mr. Carr is a consummate professional who takes great pleasure and pride in providing a quality program that is learner centered, enabling and enriching. Student's that are involved in his classes are taught not only defensive skills, but are also given life long tools that will instill purpose in all they endeavor. Personally, I have found him to be consistently pleasant, tackling assignments with dedication and a smile. More importantly I know him to be a Christian who keeps his word and constantly holds himself accountable for the needs of his clients. Besides being a joy to work with, Mr. Carr is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate their benefits.

I believe that Richard will be an asset to any group that solicits his services.

Frank Runnels
Vice Principal
Forest Lake Education Center

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