Group Classes:
We offer a variety of small group classes that are structured around a fun, energetic and safe group setting that follows a course outline on scenario based self defense. These include Bodies In Motion, Anti-Bully Program, and many others.
Private Lessons:
A Premier mobile certified self defense program that is structured around your hectic schedule, each session is specifically tailored to meet your personal training needs in your home or place of business at your convenience.
School Programs:
This unique program is designed to provide an environment that inspires dedication and self-improvement through positive and repetitive reinforcement. Students will learn concepts in self defense as well as goal setting, team work, self-discipline and the value of hard work.
ReLIONce Self Defense offers a variety of customized workshops and specialty seminars that focus on Corporate Safety in and around the work place, Women's Safety and Empowerment programs that target some of the issues that women face in daily life, such as Women's Empowerment Control, Rapid Escape to Safety, Adult Abduction Prevention Awareness Training, Escaping the Rape, Crisis Management Control with Verbal De-escalation, Anti Car-Jacking and Home Invasion Awareness.
Military Combative:
When you need to know how Now! The Military Combatives program will teach you how to effectively apply our training concepts ON your opponent, based on simple body mechanics.
Tactical Restraint:
This course is exclusively customized to fit the needs of law enforcement and security personnel. The purpose is to provide additional alternatives for tactical control and restraint while maximizing safety and minimizing the threat of lawsuit and injury while on the job.
Speaking Engagements:
We believe that awareness is the beginning steps to prevention. Our purpose is to create a warm, stress free and friendly environment that empowers one's mind, body and spirit.
College Prep Safety 101:
Crime is on the rise on college and university campuses across the U.S. Is your daughter safe? Would she know how to escape with her life if a larger, stronger male held her down by force? Would she be able to stop someone from pulling her into the woods? Does she have a plan? Don't put off the safety of your loved ones any longer. Let our team of instructors structure a safety program for your loved ones today. Our goal is to safely reunite each daughter at a time.
Crisis Preparedness & Response:
Due to the rise in violent crimes on school campuses all across America, students are now facing the imminent threat of becoming a victim of a violent school massacre or hostage situation. The time has now come to become proactive for all educators and students as well as members of the community. Don't let your lack of preparedness hinder your response. Read More
Home Invasion Preparedness Training:
Are you prepared? What would you do if a gunman forced his way into your home? Do you have a family crisis plan in place? How could you escape? Where would you hide? What could you do to prevent your loved ones from being hurt? Your personal safety is our business. Let our trained staff help you prepare for the worst. Remember, if you are're protected.
Securing the Sanctuary:
The hostile threatening of an unknown intruder during the worship hour has brought fear to the hearts of those who once found the sanctuary to be a place of peace and safety. In light of the recent string of church shootings across America, church goers have begun to second-guess their safety while worshiping. Fear no more! ReLIONce Self Defense now offers church safety workshops that focus on securing and maintaining a safe worship environment, through strategic perimeter shielding, intruder confinement and removal.

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