Frequently Asked Questions

What style of self defense is taught and practiced at ReLIONce?
The style that we practice and teach is based on Professor Dave Castoldi's Jujitsu, a street-smart self defense system with a practical right-here, right-now approach that will provide you with the knowledge of how to manipulate and control a potentially hostile situation.
I’m a woman who is only looking to learn some simple safety tips to help me be better prepared.
We understand the challenges that women are facing today from the threat of personal safety, abduction, rape, and even sexual harassment in and out of the workplace. One of our specialties is women’s safety issues. All ages and fitness levels are welcomed. Remember, “Your Personal Safety Is Our Business.” Contact one of our safety educators to learn how you can be empowered today.
I’m a working professional who has a very tight schedule with limited personal time. Do you have a program that would meet my limited time constraint?
When life has you constantly on the go with limited personal time, our mobile self defense program is just the answer that you have been looking for. We will not only customize a personal training program that will fit into your busy schedule, but we will, personally, come to your location, at your convenience, as part of our service. We are available when you are, where you are.
How much do classes cost?
Due to the uniqueness of our premier mobile self defense company, each program is customized to meet the training needs of each client. Contact our staff today for your free, personal consultation.
What are the age requirements for your different programs?
• Sports Jujitsu / Children’s Judo – Ages 6 to 10
• Tween Class - Take down and submissions – Ages 11 - 13
• Youth Jujitsu Training – Ages 14 - 17
• Adult - 18 and up
Do I have to pay an initiation or joining fee?

Only returning students pay initiation fees. New students need only to pay your first month’s membership when enrolling.

Do you have long-term contracts?

No. Membership is strictly on a month-to-month basis

Can I try a class for free to see if I like it?

We recommend that you meet with one of our safety educators and watch one of our training sessions before joining. If you decide that our program is the right one for you, we encourage you to participate in a class before making your final decision. There is no charge for your first class. However, you will need to fill out a short liability release before participating. A parent/guardian’s signature is required for all minors.

How do I sign up?

Contact our training staff via phone to discuss your training needs. Once you’ve made contact and have decided which program best meets your needs, fill out the registration forms and pay your first month’s membership fee. A parent’s signature is required for any minor who is joining the program.

What should I wear for my first class?

It depends on which class you are trying. You can wear comfortable active clothing. Once joining the class, a jujitsu uniform (Gi) is required to be purchased for some training sessions, but is not required to be worn at every class. This can be purchased after your trial class.

How much does the uniform cost?

Like most things, martial arts uniforms vary in quality and cost. We stock reasonably priced uniforms that are strong, durable, and comfortable. The standard single weave Judo/Jujitsu uniform costs $65 - $100. The double weave Judo uniforms are much thicker and, therefore, generally cost more. They range in price is between $125 - $300.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Do you offer a mat fee for your students?

Yes we do. Students are allowed to pay a mat fee of $15.00 per hour of training.

What if I have more questions?

Contact our staff today!

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