Classes Offered by ReLIONce Self Defense

We offer a variety of structured in-school programs for children and young adults during school hours as well as after hours. By bringing our certified programs to you, we are able to offer a more convenient program for parents, while creating a fun, safe, environment where your child can train under your supervision in the secure environment of your school.
Classes are broken into four subgroups based on age.

• Sports Jujitsu / Children’s Judo – Ages 6 - 10

• Tween Class - Take down and submissions – Ages 11 - 13

• Youth Jujitsu Training – Ages 14 - 17

• Adult – 18 and up / MMA / Combatives / Sports Jujitsu / Street Self-defense / Ground Work

Adult Programs

  • Because the scheduling needs of adults vary greatly, we are able to offer specialty programs such as private lessons, where you can learn in the privacy of your own home or work place at your convenience. Small group sessions are available to those who are not looking for the commitment of a private lesson, but still want the hands-on training in a group setting. And for those of you who have your own location and your own group of friends who are looking to train full-time in a group setting, we have the perfect program for you as well. Take a moment to review our pricing structure to see which program best meets your training needs.
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    Corporate Training Workshops

  • Small groups of less than 10 participants:
    $350 per hour session (flat rate)
  • Medium Groups of 10-30 participants:
    Total cost = $35 per person per hour session
  • Large Groups—greater than 45 participants:
    Total cost = $30 per person per hour session
  • After School Programs for Children / Adult Full-time Training
    (Minimum group 12 -16 max)
    $100 per month

Please note : The above pricing structure does not reflect our terms and conditions for travel outside the Orlando area. Additionally, the entirety of the group must meet the minimal number during a training session in order to be eligible to receive the discounted pricing fee. Please contact a representative for more detailed information

Private Lesson Pricing Structure

Pricing Structure

1 one-hour session:

5 one-hour sessions:
$500 ($100/class)

10 one-hour sessions:
$900 ($90/class)

15 one-hour sessions:
$1,200 ($80/class)

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