Our Mission

To Empower the Powerless

To promote awareness and present practical solutions to reduce the occurrence of violent crimes while promoting safety through education to improve the quality of daily life.

Our Motto

Your Safety Is Our Business

About Our Training Staff

For nearly 20 years, we have been working to promote corporate education and personal safety awareness, by applying our specialized knowledge of human anatomy to advance awareness while providing practical solutions to minimize the occurrence of violent crimes.

Each member is nationally certified through Jujitsu America, which enables our staff to offer a mobile certified program to our clients. We’ve been able to develop a program that will maximize one’s effort, base on simple body-mechanics when confronted with a hostile or life-threatening situation. Our purpose was to develop a method of training that was natural, functional and effective immediately!

Whether you are in a corporate professional environment searching for awareness safety, military combat training or searching for empowerment through personal protection for your family, we have a program for you. Call today to speak with our staff about how we can help prepare you for a safer tomorrow.

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